Leslie Spurlock

Exploring the Cultural Beauty of the Apatani and Angami Tribes

Leslie Spurlock - ZUMA Award winning photojournalist

Leslie Spurlock is a photojournalist, storm chaser and creative portrait artist. She has lived with the rebels in Haiti for 3 weeks when they ousted President Aristide, photographed Tropical Storm Jeanne that killed 3000 people in Haiti, covered many hurricanes and natural disasters and 17 protest across the US during 2020. Her work has been published in many publications including Time, Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, NY Post, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Miami Herald, Austin American Statesman, Daily Mail, ABC, CNN, and Yahoo

‘A Photographic Journey through Northeast India’ Exploring the Cultural Beauty of the Apatani and Angami Tribes NE India, known as the ‘Seven Sisters’,is home to a rich tapestry of indigenous communities, each with their own customs, traditions, and way of life

The Apatani are known for their facial tattoos and nose plugs, while the Angami are known for their intricate shawls and traditional headgear

The Hornbill Festival, held annually in Nagaland, is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the Naga Tribes and offers a glimpse into their traditional customs, dances and music

Visit in 'A Photographic Journey through Northeast India' in Spatial

Photojournalist Virtual Gallery - Custom Build and Curation

'A Photographic Journey Through Northeast India'

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