The Future Of The Polygon Alliance

Focusing On User Safety, Education, and Verification In 2023



2/4/20232 min read

The Future Of The Polygon Alliance:
Focusing On User Safety, Education, and Verification In 2023


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The Polygon Alliance, a consortium of blockchain networks, is actively working towards improving the infrastructure for projects and decentralized applications (dApps) in 2023. With a digital renaissance at foot, the alliance has been working to ensure that end-user safety remains a top priority, while also adding educational content and creating new tools for verification.

End User Safety

One of the key areas of focus for the Polygon Alliance this year is end-user safety, with a focus on wallet hygiene and security from hacks. The alliance is actively seeking information and resources to share with the community on this important issue, as well as developing its own resources. The goal is to ensure that all Polygon users have the knowledge and tools they need to keep their assets safe.

Education and Knowledge Library

The Polygon Alliance is also working to add educational content from developers to its growing knowledge library, in partnership with Fabrianne the owner of Killer Cat Bengal Club. This will be a valuable resource for the community, providing information on the latest developments in the Polygon ecosystem and how to get involved. Additionally, the alliance is exploring the possibility of adding a Dev channel to its YouTube channel, offering a direct line of communication between developers and the community.

Verification and Auditing

Finally, the Polygon Alliance is exploring the possibility of adding a verification and audit function for artists and projects. This would provide a level of assurance that the projects and artists being supported on the Polygon network have been verified and meet certain standards.

This is an important step towards building a more secure and trustworthy ecosystem, and is a key part of the 2023 Roadmap for the alliance.


The Polygon Alliance is committed to building a better and more secure blockchain infrastructure in 2023. With a focus on user safety, education, and verification, the alliance is poised to make a significant impact on the decentralized ecosystem this year. Whether you are a developer looking to contribute to the alliance or a user looking to get involved, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

Join the Polygon Alliance community today and be part of shaping the future of decentralized technology.

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